5 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gas Stove in 2022– Explained!

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Nowadays, every Indian household or housewife wants to cook food as fast as she can prepare for her family. In this process, the gas stoves play a better role to help her in this work. But, there are some advantages and disadvantages of a gas stove that we will discuss below.

But many of you have confused between a gas stove and an induction cooktop. Both cooking appliances are the best at their place. Mainly, there are some features and usability options that make them different from each other. After this guide, you can easily understand all the advantages and disadvantages of a gas stove and induction cooktop.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Gas Stoves?

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gas Stove
Advantages and Disadvantages of a Gas Stove


Both stoves have 2 to 4 burners of various sizes to cook. They also have an oven, which can be together with the stovetop or separate.

Gas stoves use injectors that transmit the fuel (which is the gas) to each of the burners. The gas is released through a knob and ignites a flame, and this produces heat for cooking.

Electric stoves have a resistor that converts electricity into heat. There are resistors in each burner and the oven.



  • Gas stoves are generally cheaper, and those of stainless steel are more expensive than those tiled. If it is necessary to lay a floor for its installation, it becomes more costly, but over time the investment is amortized.
  • Electric stoves are more costly, but the installation process is straightforward.

What are the Advantages of a Gas Stove?

If you look at the Advantages of a Gas Stove in India 2022. You can find a number of advantages of having a Gas Stove in your Kitchen. You also agree with me on that line “Indian Kitchen can’t be complete without Best Gas Stove in India 2022“.

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1. Long Life

Gas Stoves are the most durable cooking appliance. They work for too many years compared to induction cooktops or electric cooktops. The gas stove does not have fancy knobs or a delicate base like other cooktops. They have been manufactured with high-quality stainless steel, toughened glass, and other materials. Gas stoves are waterproof, scratchproof, and have shock registers, they do not require soft hands and care when used. Compared to other cooktops, the rough and tough gas stove is considered to be long-lasting and highly durable.

2. No Electricity

One of the effective benefits of gas stoves over other variants such as induction stoves is that it does not require electricity. This is a very good thing for those who have power issues in their area. Even if electricity is lost, food can be made easily, because it has nothing to do with electricity, which makes the gas stove more efficient than an induction cooktop. Second, it is free from the headache of electricity bills, which may be comparatively higher than the price of a gas cylinder. The gas stove is one of the most using kitchen appliances in all households, as it is reliable and workable until the gas cylinder is full of fuel.

3. Fast Speed

People understand that an induction cooktop is very fast for heating any food or vessel, which is not the fact. The gas stove is much faster than any other stove as it mainly produces direct heat transfer and cooks evenly. Also, unlike an induction cooktop where you have to wait for the vessel to heat up, you don’t have to do the same thing with a gas stove. You can start cooking as soon as you can light the flame as it provides a heat supply to the pan, you do not have to worry about time to heat the pan. So, of course, a gas stove is very fast.

4. Accurate Temperature

One of the other great advantages of a gas stove is that you can precisely and easily control the cooking temperature with the help of a knob. This is good enough for the user, you can easily determine the heat according to the food requirements. You can easily turn the flame from slow to high and vice versa and set the right heat according to your food requirements. This can be a bit difficult to do with the induction cooktop, as it takes some time to convert to a different temperature.

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5. Various Choice

One of the advantages of a gas stove is that the stove comes in different types and designs, you can choose according to your needs. The first thing is its type, the gas stove comes in four different types which are 4 burners, 3 burners, 2 burners, and single burners. You can choose one based on your family member. I have created a complete guide on the best gas stove in India, you can read that if you have confused to choose a stove.

The second thing is its designs, the gas stove comes in two different designs- one is a glass top and another is stainless steel. The glass top gas stove looks premium and aesthetic and gives a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The stainless steel gas stove does not look so aesthetic but they are durable enough.

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What are the Disadvantages of a Gas Stove?

If you look at the Disadvantages of a Gas Stove in India 2022. This is mostly for Bachelor those who live alone for jobs, offices, schools, or college. You need a Gas Cylinder to refill from time to time and you can use Electric Induction Cooker.

1. Cleaning

If you want to use a stove for a long time, then cleaning is necessary. To clean a gas stove, you will have to use many necessary things like washing powder and cloth. It takes a long time the cleaning a gas stove. It is not so easy, sometimes it becomes a headache and you have to call professionals to clean it. So It is one of the major disadvantages of a gas stove.

2. Installation

Every time your cylinder is empty, you have to buy a new gas cylinder. As we all know how heavy the weight of a gas cylinder is when filled with LPG gas, is about 30 kg, and 16 kg when empty. Second, proper determination of pipes and knobs is a must, as this can lead to gas leaks that can cause things to spiral out of control. And you will need a professional to install the gas cylinder, check all the accessories, and make sure that it is safe to cook. Therefore, it is very true that the installation of a gas stove is not the work of children and hence it is a major disadvantage nowadays.

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3. Expensive

Gas stoves are more expensive than induction cooktops, but they also depend on the type and design of the gas stove. As noted above, the gas stove does not require any electricity bills, but it does require fuel. People can find gas stoves much cheaper than induction cooktops, this is not always true. But in comparison, a gas stove seems expensive because you will have to pay for the additional fuel, which depends entirely on how much you use it.

4. Risky

We all know that there is a gas cylinder attached to the gas stove which consists of a knob and a pipe that connects them, through which the gas passes when it is turned on. It will primarily use liquefied petroleum gas, stored in a cylinder attached to the gas stove. And the burner also ensures that the flame has a uniform direction.

But remember that anything wrong with the connection can lead to loss of life. However, if you have not installed the cylinder correctly or if any accessories have become loose, there is a possibility that your cylinder is leaking gas. Because LPG is a highly explosive and poisonous gas, it is easily dispersed if the gas is leaking, making it a place for accidents in the atmosphere. In addition, children should always be kept away even when not in use.

Final Words Gas Stove in India 2022

I have talked a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of a gas stove, and I hope that now you have a clear concept about the gas stove. Aside from the fact that we have a good range of stoves, to be honest, gas stoves are quite a lot better than any of them, when the downsides are taken into account. Therefore, the gas stove is better than an induction hob, to use in your kitchen.

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