Best Gas Stoves India 2022

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Best Gas Stove Brands in India

  • Butterfly
  • Elica
  • Everyday
  • Lifelong
  • Prestige
  • Sunflame

Types of Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves of the modern-day come in different forms, shapes, sizes, and types.

Based on the type of burner and ignition

Based on the burner type and ignition mode, the best gas stoves are categorized into three different categories.

Electric Ignition

In this type, the gas is ignited by an electric spark. It is controlled with a knob that regulates the flame on high and low.

Standing Pilot

In standing-pilot ignition, the flame is continuously burning beneath the stove. This type of ignition is a traditional source of gas stoves. It uses natural gas to ignite the gas stove.

Sealed Burners

A sealed burner gas stove is a non-conventional gas stove where the cooktop is fused with the burners. They are stress-free to maintain and clean.

Based on the number of burners

Gas stoves come in four different sizes depending on the no. of burners. It depends on the size of your family. If you have a large family, go for a four-burner gas stove.

  • Single burner stoves are fit for bachelors or single occupants.
  • Two burner gas stove is useful for two to three family members. In contrast, a three-burner stove is ideal for a family of 4 to 5.

What Features To Look for When Choosing a Gas Stove?


Size is one of the major factors to consider while buying the best gas stove. Generally, gas stoves come in different sizes. It also differs majorly depending on the burners as well.

So if you have a smaller kitchen area, choose the best gas stove with less width. Larger sizes of gas stoves are just often great for large modular kitchens.

Gas stoves are available in sizes 60, 70, 80, and 90cm widths, so choosing the appropriate size for the kitchen will rely on the counter space.

Types of Burners

Burners may look similar, but they differ from each other in terms of functioning.

Work Burners

These burners have rapid flow and are recommended for stir-frying and fast boiling. These kinds of burners are best for huge cooking pots and frypans. They can also be considered heavy duty-burners.

Medium Burners

Suppose you want something that responds quickly to the temperature change, such as cooking soups, rice, or other ingredients. In that case, medium size burners are highly efficient. You can set it to full heat and later decrease it for heating purposes.

Large Burners

These burners are perfect for frying and boiling purposes. It’s also recommended for non-stick saucepans and frypans.

Simmer Burners

These burners are fit for delicate ingredients. For example, you can make sauces or melt chocolates and butter in these burners. It is also the best option for smaller sauces and frypans.

Material of Burners

Usually, burners are either made up of brass or aluminum alloy. Brass and aluminum burners are different from each other in terms of usability and durability.

Aluminum Burners

These are considered traditional burners and have a low melting point, so they tend to warp and deform over time. Aluminum absorbs heat faster since it’s less dense than brass. It is not reliable to use in a home with kids and keeps it away from children’s reach. It has a shorter life span.

Brass Burners

Brass burners are corrosion-resistant and have a beautiful antique gold color. These burner gas stoves are more durable and resistant to wear & tear. They are also perfect for outdoor grills since they can withstand even the most trying weather conditions, such as snow and rain. They are corrosion resistant, provide excellent heat, and distribute evenly to the containers or pots to cook delicious food.

Spacing Between Burners

If you are looking for 3-burner or 4-burner gas stoves, see that the burners and pan supports are placed well and provide enough space to cook various dish sizes and foods side by side without hassle.

Anti-Skid Feet

Gas stoves with anti-skid feet work on any kitchen platform surface and must retain the stove firmly in place and don’t allow moving. So you can stir and add heavyweight vessels to the cooktop without worrying about spillage or the stove skidding across the surface.

Control Knobs

Control knobs are generally rotary switches used to provide input to the device. For example, cooktops feature control knobs according to the number of burners on the device.

Select a gas stove with adequately sized knobs that are easy to grip and use.

Gas Inlet Connection

Gas stoves have gas pipe inlets either to their sides or back. If your kitchen has a small platform, go for a gas stove with a gas inlet to the side. However, for a large kitchen platform, you can select any one as per your interest.

Cooktop Material

Cooktops come in either stainless steel or glass material. Stainless steel gas tops are highly durable because of their strength. In contrast, glass tops have a luxurious look and are easier to clean. If you’re looking for a glass cooktop, then make sure the glass is toughened and heat resistant.

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